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Upskilling for Recruiters and Managers
to Help You Hire Top Talent

Eliminate Bad Hires        Attract the Best        Build a Stellar Team

Find Top Talent

Interview Like Pro

Know How to Close

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If you need talent to succeed at any level, or within any industry,

you need Performance-based Hiring​.

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“Hiring managers are getting top talent through proactive sourcing and screening.  Retention has gone up as we've hired more qualified people and our diversity has also improved.  The recruiters feel much more empowered and confident using Performance-based Hiring.”


Nancy D. 
Director Global Talent Acquisition

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"Performance-based Hiring was so much more effective than what we were doing in the past. It gave us an objective, consistent method for determining whether each candidate’s work experience would prepare them to achieve the results we require in the role."

Chris K.

Founder and President

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"Performance-based Hiring was introduced to develop our managers in the important skill of interviewing and ultimately hiring the best candidates.  The approach was extremely helpful to our sales hiring managers in hiring high-performers."  

A super program!


Chris A.
Learning and Organizational Development Leader

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Live-Online Performance-based Hiring Workshop
What’s my Investment?
How much does a bad hire cost your company? How many high performing candidates are you not seeing, or worse yet not hiring when you do interview them?  How long do critical positions remain unfilled? How many people are passing up opportunities at your company for the competition?  Do candidates see your opportunity as a powerful career move or just another job?  Your current hiring practices may already be costing you a great deal in both performance and hiring costs. 

Win-Win Interviewing Course for Managers


Self Paced


Platform plus three

live coaching sessions -

Sep 6, 20 & 27

only $750

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Works on all platforms including your phone. Includes 3 live online instructor lead sessions.

Live-Online Blended Learning Performance-based Hiring Workshop for Recruiters and HR Professionals

Call or Contact us for details. Next class:

Sep, 6, 13, 20, 27 & Oct 4

10 Hours - in 5 two-hour online sessions - includes

1 Year Access LMS 

8 SHRM, HRCI Credits

Attend any live-online session for a year, only $1,500

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What Makes Performance-based Hiring So Different?

Performance-based Hiring was created by Lou Adler to help companies hire top talent in a talent scarce environment. When companies realize that hiring top talent is fundamentally different than hiring average or below average talent - the script gets flipped. Top talent thinks differently! Hundreds of companies have attracted the talent they need to succeed and thrive by using the Performance-based Hiring methodology. But, how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to attend a live-online workshop or schedule a private course.


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Use Quality of Hire to Raise the Talent Bar

QofH Free Lesson

The Power of the Exploratory Phone Screen - Podcast

Learn how the phone screen can change your entire hiring approach.

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