Win-Win Hiring™:  A live-online course to help managers & recruiters interview and hire top talent.

Managers and recruiters partner together in a real-time search

Self-paced learning starts immediately!

Next two-part live-online course starts June 12th & 19th (8:00 am Pacific)

Source Stronger Candidates

Increase Interview Accuracy

Rapid Learning - Real Results

Pipeline Top Prospects

Eliminate Hiring Mistakes

Save Time & Money

Recruiters and Hiring Managers Partner Together

In this unique program, recruiters and hiring managers work together as a team to complete a search assignment using our Win-Win Hiring process. This involves a combination of self-paced training with online course work and coaching support to achieve exceptional results.

Implementing Win-Win Hiring is a game-changer requiring exceptional interviewing and recruiting skills!  It allows companies to see and hire stronger talent while minimizing common hiring mistakes due to bias.  The focus of hiring for the anniversary date enables candidates and managers to make the hiring decision using the right criteria.  This course enables hiring managers, recruiters and everyone who interviews candidates to achieve more Win-Win Hiring outcomes. 

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Your Win-Win Registration Includes:

  1. 90-Day access to the Basics: Conducting the "Win-Win Hiring" Performance-based Hiring Interview​ course – a practical, actionable, systematic approach to hire top talent.

  2. Two 90-minute live online coaching sessions  (April 17th and April 24th).  This is part of our unique blended learning approach!

  3. Learn how to conduct the exploratory phone screen to pinpoint the three best predictors of on-the-job success.

  4. All the tools (interview guides, scorecards and guidance) needed to conduct powerful Performance-based interviews for any position

All from the safety and security of your home or office.

Experience Win-Win Hiring FREE

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Special Offers

THE PERFORMANCE-BASED HIRING ALUMNI PROGRAM: Everyone who’s taken our complete recruiter workshop in the past 12 months is entitled to two guest passes to the next Hiring Manager/Recruiter partnership program.

RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW:  Get 2 free tickets to the Win-Win Hiring course online and 2 live-online sessions - one for you and one for one of your hiring managers.  A great way to introduce your manager to Win-Win Hiring.

ENROLL IN THE NEXT PERFORMANCE-BASED HIRING FOR RECRUITERS COURSE: and get two FREE tickets  (one for you and one for a hiring manager of your choice) to attend our next Win-Win Hiring for Manager's course. 

SPECIAL 2:1 BLENDED LEARNING PROGRAM: It's best if recruiters and hiring managers work together on a search project while taking this course at the same time, and we've made it free and easy. Whoever signs up for the Win-Win Hiring course will get a free ticket for either a recruiter or hiring manager to also participate in this program. This partnering and "learn while hiring"approach will result in better understanding, more rapid learning and hiring far stronger talent.


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