A Live-Online Course for Recruiters

to Attract, Assess and Hire Top Talent

Live-Online May 1, 8, 15, 29th (8:00 am Pacific)

Includes 1 year Access to The Hiring Machine Learning Platform & Certification  

Take Your Recruiting Team to a Whole New Level of Performance

Source Stronger Candidates

Hire the Best Talent

Rapid Learning-Real Results

Can't afford to attend?  Do you have a budget for bad hiring?

How much does a bad hire cost your company? How many high performing candidates are you not seeing, or worse yet not hiring when you do interview them?  How long do critical positions remain unfilled? How many people are passing up opportunities at your company for the competition?  Do candidates see your opportunity as a powerful career move or just another job?  Your current hiring practices may already be costing you a great deal in both performance and hiring costs. We can help!


  1. 1-year access to the best recruiting training ever designed – practical, actionable, proven

  2. Four 2- hour live-online sessions covering every aspect of recruiting from taking the assignment to closing top talent  (May 1,8,5,29). 

  3. All the tools (interview guides, scorecards and guidance) needed to conduct powerful Performance-based interviews for any position

  4. Performance-based Hiring Recruiter Certification

  5. All from the safety and security of your home or office.

“Hiring managers are getting top talent through proactive sourcing and screening.  Retention has gone up as we've hired more qualified people and our diversity has also improved.  The recruiters feel much more empowered and confident using Performance-based Hiring.”

Nancy D.

Talent Acquisition Director

Does your company have more than 500 employees

or 10 recruiters?

BONUS for April & May ONLY

Each recruiter who signs up for the full May Performance-based Hiring training program will also get two complimentary tickets to attend the April Hiring Manager training program (one for you and one for your hiring manager).  We'll contact you automatically to sign you up once you register for the May course.


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